• Not long ago, the only time you could see a robot was when you were reading a novel or watching a mo

    Not long ago, the only time you could see a robot was when you were reading a novel or watching a movie such as Star Wars (星球大战) . Today, however, a lot of things in science stories have been science facts. Robots are starting to appear in our everyday lives. These robots have different sizes, shapes, and colors. But they all have the same type of man-made “brain”. Leading the robot revolution (革命)are industrial(企业) robots that work in factories. Industrial(工业) robots can do different kinds of jobs that are often boring and sometimes dangerous. Robots are also coming to American homes, though not as quickly as they are entering factories. These robots aren’t as friendly and bright as those you saw in  Star Wars. But, their makers say, today’s home robots “walk”, sense objects(感知物体) in their way (and sometimes knock into them), and even carry objects (which they sometimes drop). Well, nobody is perfect.
    We may laugh at home robot today, but some day they may see and hear better than humans do. We humans can only see certain wavelengths(波长) of light, and hear certain sounds. That’s because the abilities of our eyes and ears are limited. Robots, however, need not have the same limits as we have. Robot may also be equipped with devices that pick up information humans can’t. To understand what their sensing devices(传感器) pick up is a hard job. Remember, man—made brains handle(处理)information, including all kinds of data, as zeroes and ones. Imagine the difficulty in trying to explain to a robot what a football looks like—using only zeroes and ones.
    小题1: From the passage, we can see that factory robots _________.
    A.help to improve other types of robots
    B.are most active in industrial revolution
    C.are playing a more important role than other types of robots
    D.are the tallest type among robots
    小题2: It seems that home robots are __________________.
    A.more widely used than factory robots
    B.less common than factory robots
    C.capable of doing any kind of housework
    D.free from making mistakes while performing(执行) duties
    小题3: Robots may deal with information that humans can’t. Which of the following is not one of the reasons?
    A.They do not have so many limits as humans do.
    B.They have man-made brains.
    C.They may be equipped with a special kind of sensing device.
    D.They handle information by using zeroes and ones.
    小题4:The development of robots suggests that _________.
    A.science and technology are developing fast
    B.people are interested in new inventions
    C.machines are more capable than humans
    D.robots can be very interesting
    小题5: According to this passage, present home robots ________.
    A.are better than human in seeing and hearing
    B.are as capable as those in Star Wars
    C.can pick up objects more quickly than humans
    D.sometimes perform wrong actions

  • Can the Time Go Slower?by Joanna PittCan the time go slower?I’m still thinking ofThe answers.Can the

    Can the Time Go Slower?
    by Joanna Pitt
    Can the time go slower?
    I’m still thinking of
    The answers.
    Can the time go slower?
    My head is not
    Yet clear.
    Can the time go slower?
    For me the rules of math are
    Too hard to remember.
    Can the time go slower?
    My grade is what my father
    Really cares about.
    So can the time go slower?
    My dear teacher,
    I don’t want to run behind others.
    Oh NO!
    There are still lots of questions
    To be answered!
    小题1: What is the reading about?
    A.Taking a test.
    B.Teaching math.
    C.Learning driving.
    D.Running at the school.
    小题2:Why does the writer keep asking “Can the time go slower?”
    A.She is missing her good old times.
    B.She does not want to get old with time.
    C.She is worried that there’s not enough time.
    D.She is afraid that her father will be home soon.

  • The Flying Hat Shannon Blackman“The most sidesplitting story I’ve ever read. I couldn’t stop laughin

    The Flying Hat  Shannon Blackman
    “The most sidesplitting story I’ve ever read.  I couldn’t stop laughing after I finished it.  Be ready to laugh your heart out.”
    Willy King, Best Book winner
    “It’s a story that makes you smile in your dreams.  Blackman’s excellent writing cheers you up.”
    The tide, London
    “One of the best-selling books of the year.  More than two million copies have been sold.”
    The Sunday Reader, New York
    “This book has become the talk of the country.  The story is making its way into movie theaters.  I can’t wait to see it!”
    Marian Miller, author of Ms. Lilly
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    小题1:Which is said about The Flying Hat?
    A.A movie about the story is coming out.
    B.The story is about a boy who has a magic hat.
    C.The writer started the book because of a dream.
    D.People can buy the book in different languages.
    小题2:What does sidesplitting mean?

  • Americans think much about time. Form childhood they learn to value (珍视)time. They are taught to be

    Americans think much about time. Form childhood they learn to value (珍视)
    time. They are taught to be on time to go to school, to work and to do everything. When they are having a good time,  they say that time goes easily. When a person is dying,   they say he is living on a borrowed time.
    Time is money.  Time is knowledge. Time is everything in America. A working American has to work hard for eight hours a day or forty hours a week.  This is the working time. In his free time, he also works hard for more money.  Even on Saturday and Sunday he also works hard as usual.   In the street you can hardly see a man walking slowly.  They walk very fast. In fact, they are running.
    They love time because time can bring them money and lots of things. But sometimes they also hate time,  because they feel they have become servants (仆人)of the clock.
    1. What do the Americans mean by "Time is money"?
    A. It is not easy to make money.
    B. It takes quite a lot of time to make money.
    C. Working hard can bring people health.
    D. ff someone has time and works hard, he can make much money.
    2. Americans think it wrong _____________.
    A. to work late                B. to get up early
    C. to be late for school
    D. to be on time to do everything
    3. This passage says that a dying person___________.
    A. is having a good time
    B. is living on a borrowed time
    C. thinks time goes easily
    D. is saving time
    4. From this passage we can be sure that
    A. Americans live a hard life
    B. Americans always walk fast
    C. Americans live in a quick rhythm (节奏)
    D. Americans are good at saving time
    5. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?
    A. Americans’ ideas about time
    B. Never waste time
    C. Time is money
    D. Learn to be on time

  • Millions of stars are travelling about in space. A few form groups which travel together, but most o

    Millions of stars are travelling about in space. A few form groups which travel together, but most of them travel alone.
    And they travel through a universe which is so large that one star seldom comes near to another. For the most important part each star makes its journey in complete loneliness, like a ship on an empty ocean. The ship will be well over a million miles from its nearest neighbour. From this it is easy to understand why a star seldom finds another anywhere near it.
    We believe, however, that some two thousand million years ago, another star wandering(漫游) through space, happened to come near our sun just as the sun and the moon raised its tides(潮汐) on the earth, so this star must have raised tides on the surface of the sun. But they were very different from the small tides that are raised in our oceans; A large tidal(潮汐的) wave must have travelled over the surface of the sun, at last forming a mountain so high that we cannot imagine it. As the cause of the disturbance came nearer, so the mountain rose higher and higher. And before the star began to move away again, its tidal pull had become so powerful that this mountain was torn to pieces and thrown off small parts of itself into space.
    These small pieces have been going round the sun ever since. They are the planets.
    小题1:Most stars are _________________________.
    A.following a regular path in space
    B.moving about without a fixed course
    C.seldom wandering about in the universe
    D.always travelling together
    小题2:Some two thousand years ago, the mountain on the sun was raised probably because _____________.
    A.the star moved away from the sun
    B.another star happened to come near the sun
    C.the sun and the moon raised the tides on the earth
    D.a large tidal of wave travelled over the surface of the sun
    小题3:The article suggests that _______________.
    A.how space formed
    B.our earth exists before the sun
    C.no one knows where the earth comes from
    D.our earth used to be a high mountain in the sun
    小题4:The expression “the cause of the disturbance” refers to ________.
    A.the large tidal waveB.the powerful tidal pull
    C.the star coming near the sunD.one of sun’s planets
    小题5: In the article, the writer mainly wants to tell us ______________.
    A.where the planets in the universe came from
    B.how the high mountains were formed on the sun
    C.that the universe is so large that we cannot imagine it
    D.why the tides over the surface of the sun were so powerful

  • Height is just one of the thousands of features your genes decide. In fact, because you have two pa

      Height is just one of the thousands of features your genes decide. In fact, because you have two parents, your genes provide you a height that usually lands somewhere between the height of each parent. If both your parents are tall, then most probably you will be tall, too, but if you have questions about how tall you’re going to be, ask your doctor if he or she can help you find it out.
    But genes don’t decide everything. For example, eating an unhealthy diet can keep you from growing to your full potential(潜力). Getting plenty of sleep and enough exercise will help you grow to the expected height.
    No doubt you’re wondering how fast you should grow. It depends. There’s no perfect or right answer. Generally speaking, kids grow about 2 inches (6 centimeters) a year between age 3 and the time when they start puberty (when your body starts changing and becoming more grown up).
    Your doctor will know how your growth has been going over the years. Two centimeters here and 2 inches there are not nearly as important as the height you’re at now, how you’ve been growing up to this point, and what other changes your body may be going through.
    Don’t be scared if you seem to have grown a lot in a very short time. Everyone has a growth spurt(高峰)during puberty. The age for starting puberty is about 10 for girls and about 11 for boys. But it can be earlier or later ----between 7 and 13 for girls and 9 and 15 for boys.
    You’ll usually begin to notice that you’re growing faster about a year or so after your body starts to show the first changes of puberty. 
    小题1:. The Chinese for the word “puberty” is          .
    小题2: If you want to know how fast and how tall you should grow, _____.
    A.you should have enough exerciseB.you can ask doctors for help
    C.you should save the environmentD.You can record your growth during puberty
    小题3: This passage is mainly about          .
    A.how the genes work in your bodyB.when is the time you grow fast
    C.why you look like your parentsD.how you grow to a certain height
    小题4: After reading this passage, we can explain          .
    A.how good it is to be a doctorB.how much sleep time we need
    C.why genes can’t decide everythingD.what healthy diet is
    小题5: Which is NOT mentioned in the passage?
    A.Your height most probably depends on how high your parents are.
    B.Girls’ age for starting puberty is usually earlier than that for boys’.
    C.The time showing the first changes of puberty is never noticed.
    D.You may be scared sometimes when you grow too fast.

  • Hong Kong has about forty public beaches. Some of them are very famous around the world. People can

    Hong Kong has about forty public beaches. Some of them are very famous around the world. People can go there for a swim. You can go to them by bus. To go to some beaches you must take a boat.
    You will swim there without danger if you remember these instructions:
    ?Never swim alone.
    ?Never go out in a boat if you cannot swim.
    ?Never swim after a meal or when you feel hungry or tired.
    ?Don’t stay in the water too long.
    Remember: A red flag means that it is dangerous for anybody to go into the water. A blue flag means that it is dangerous for children.
    (   )1.There are about 40 public beaches in Hong Kong.
    (   )2.You should swim after a meal.
    (   )3.You can take a bus to go to most of the public beaches.
    (   )4.You’d better swim when you’re alone.
    (   )5.If you were a child, you could swim when you saw a red flag.

  • Happiness is important for everyone. Most people want to be happy but few know how to find happiness

    Happiness is important for everyone. Most people want to be happy but few know how to find happiness. Money and success don’t bring lasting happiness. Happiness depends on ourselves. In other words, we make our own happiness.
    Some people believe that if they are wealthy, they will be able to do anything they want, which means happiness. On the other hand, some people believe that holding a high position in the government is happiness. In this way, you have not only money, but also many other things which can’t be bought by money. However, other people believe that having lots of money is not happiness, nor is holding a high position in the government. These people value(重视) their beliefs, or their intelligence, or their health. They think these can make them happy.
    Here are a few ways to help you be happier.
    The first secret of happiness is to enjoy the simple things in life. Too often, we spend so much time thinking about the future, for example, getting into college or getting a good job, that we don’t enjoy the present. You should enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as reading a good book, listening to your favorite music, or spending time with close friends. People who have close friends usually enjoy happier and healthier lives.
    The second secret of happiness is to be active. Many people go dancing or play sports. People can forget about their problems and only think about the activities.
    Finally, many people find happiness in helping others. According to studies, people feel good when they volunteer their time to do many meaningful things for other people. If you want to feel happier, do something nice for someone. You can help a friend with his or her studies, go shopping to get food for an old neighbor, or simply help around the house.
    Now maybe you know how to find happiness!
    小题1: The underlined word “wealthy” means “__________” in the article.
    小题2: Some people who hold a high position in the government think they can _________.
    A.get money and something they can’t buy with money
    B.do what they want to do at any time
    C.enjoy health which makes them work hard
    D.take an active part in all kinds of activities every day
    小题3: The writer thinks the secret of happiness is that people ___________.
    A.think about getting a good jobB.think of presents they don’t like
    C.often spend time with close friendsD.often spend time on entering the college
    小题4: Many people find it happy to ___________.
    A.remember the old days and troublesB.do some meaningful things for others
    C.go shopping to buy some foodD.make much money and little success
    小题5:The passage mainly tells us __________.
    A.how to find happinessB.how to save happiness
    C.to do something good for othersD.to value our beliefs or health

  • If someone is lost in a forest( 森林 ), he needs only study the trees around him carefully to find his

    If someone is lost in a forest( 森林 ), he needs only study the trees around him carefully to find his way. On this half of the earth, he will find that the side of the tree with the most leaves and branches(树枝 ) is the south side. Also, by checking the tops of the trees, he will find that they lean(倾斜 ) to the south too.
    Another sign( 标志物) for him to know where he is going is found in the bark.( 树皮) That is brighter on the south side.The remanining(树桩 ) of a cut tree is also a finder, for its rings can give him another sign. The rings will be thinner on the south side and thicker on the north side.
    One more sign: some very small plants grow at the foot of a tree and they point to the north.
    小题1: The passage is mainly about __________.
    how to find a big tree if one is lost in the forest.
    How to cut down trees in the forest
    How to find the direction(方向 )in the forest
    How to grow trees in the forest .
    小题2: From a cut tree we can know that ___________.
    A.the direction is written on it
    B.the rings will be thinner on the south side and thicker on the north side
    C.the rings will be thinner on the south
    D.its rings can send messages to you
    小题3: The passage tells us __________ ways of finding the direction in the frorest.

  • Expo 2010 is held in Shanghai from May 1 to October 31.People all over the world are looking forwar

    Expo 2010 is held in Shanghai from May 1 to October 31.People all over the world are looking forward to it.Here are several golden rules on how to best plan your hip.
    Rule 1:Do your homework
    Read everything you call before going.Really study the maps.Know the pavilions.Arrive at the entrance nearest Io the things you want to see.Have a plan.It will make a big difference.
    Rule 2:Allow plenty of time
    Expo 2010 is the largest attraction event in the history of the world.It will take many days to see it.Plan to spend from five to eight days or more seeing it.
    Rule 3:Pace yourself
    Expo is enormous.The distances are punishing.It is better to spend a day seeing a single area than to man hack and forth all over the site.Remember to wear the most comfortable shoes.Never mind what they look like.
    Rule 4:Get going in May
    At many Expos the crowds are smaller in May and in early June than any other time.And beware the last two weeks.During every Expo, people delay their visits and then in early October they suddenly realize.“Expo will close soon! I haven’t seen it!’’ As a result, the last several weeks usually have the most crowded days of the entire Expo.
    Rule 5:Find out what everyone else is doing-and do the opposite
    If you don’t like large crowds and long lines.do the opposite.Here is all example:Most people go on Saturdays or on holidays, So avoid Saturdays and holidays.Go on weekdays when most people are at work.
    Rule 6:Turn up
    Expo 2010 is the largest celebration in China’s history-an amazing once-in-a-lifetime event.When it is gone and it will never be seen again.So whatever you do,don’t miss it!
    小题1:Expo 2010 will last _________.
    A.five to eight days
    B.several weeks
    C.six months
    D.a year
    小题2:According to Rule 4,you’d bettor not go to Expo on ________.
    A.May 3B.July 5 C.September 16 D.October 20
    小题3:When there are lots of people waiting in line to see the most popular activations, what’s your  best choice?
    A.I’ll wait in line as other people do.
    B.I’ll go back and return tomorrow.
    C.I’ll visit the less crowded places instead.
    D.I’ll sit on a bench to have a rest for about two or three hours.
    小题4:In Rule 6 “turn up” here means ________.
    A.don’t miss itB.come and see
    C.make the sound louder D.never be seen again

  • Passage 1 Mobile Phone MadnessHow much do you love your mobile phone? A Chinese student had to call

    Passage 1  Mobile Phone Madness
    How much do you love your mobile phone? A Chinese student had to call 110 for help this week after he got his arm stuck in a toilet trying to rescue(援救) his mobile phone. After dropping his phone in the toilet, he decided to wrap(包,裹) his arm in newspaper in the hopes of keeping clean. But the newspapers became larger in size in the water, and then even his roommates couldn’t help him pull his arm out. So policemen were called and they spent an hour unsticking the stuck student.
    Passage 2  Crazy Pet Lovers
    How much do you love your pets? Many people in China are famous for how much they love their pets. They dress them up in fashionable clothing and buy them high quality food. But would they spend 7,000 English pounds (68,000 yuan) on a wedding(婚礼) for their pets? And that’s what a couple in Brazil spent on a fancy wedding for their pet Yorkshire terriers( a kind of dog).
    Passage 3  Oh, rats!
    When something goes wrong, you can often hear Westerners cry “Oh, rats”. But when it comes to Southern China, “Oh, rats!” can mean it’s what you want for dinner. According to a report in China Daily, some restaurants in Guangzhou serve rat meat. But, actually, most of those rats are field mice. What would Mickey Mouse say?
    Passage 4  Liar(说谎者), liar
    Here’s some news that most women already know. Men tell more lies than women. The London Daily Mail cites(引用) a new study that says men tell about three lies a day, while women tell only two lies a day. Men are also less likely to feel guilty about lying, according to this week’s survey of 3,000 people by a research organization called One Poll. According to the Poll, lying to our mothers is very popular. But then, so is lying at work. And both men and women will lie when it comes to how much they’ve drunk. So how easy is it to tell when someone is lying?
    小题1:Put the statements into the right order according to passage 1.
    ① They called policemen for help. 
    ② He dropped his mobile phone in the toilet.
    ③ His roommates tried to help him pull his arm out, but failed.
    ④ The newspapers expanded(膨胀) in the water, so he got his arm stuck.
    ⑤ He wrapped his arm in newspaper before trying to take out his phone from the toilet.
    小题2:Why does the writer call the Brazilian couple “crazy pet lovers”?
    A.They dress their pets up in fashionable clothing.
    B.They buy their pets high quality food.
    C.They spent ¥68,000 on a wedding for their pets.
    D.They spent £7,000 in buying a pet.
    小题3: If you say “oh, rats” in Guangzhou, it can mean that                    .
    A.something goes wrongB.you see some field mice
    C.you are a Mickey Mouse lover D.you’d like to have rat meat for dinner
    小题4: According to the new study on lying, which of the following is not true?
    A.Women tell less lies than men.
    B.Women are more likely to feel guilty about lying.
    C.Lying at work is more popular than lying to our mothers.
    D.Neither men nor women want to tell the truth about how much they have drunk.
    小题5:What is NOT mentioned?
    A.It is difficult to unstick the stuck student.
    B.The couple’s pets are Yorkshire terriers.
    C.People in China enjoy eating rat meat.
    D.3,000 people took part in the survey made by One Poll.

  • The Bermuda Triangle(百慕大三角)is in the Atlantic Ocean, near Florida in the USA. During the past 60 yea

    The Bermuda Triangle(百慕大三角)is in the Atlantic Ocean, near Florida in the USA. During the past 60 years, more than 1,000 seamen in ships and pilots in planes have lost their lives. It is known as “The Triangle of Death”for its strange seawater and sudden storms. What’s the strangest is the light of the seawater, which looks so bright that it can be seen even from an outer spaceship.
      At 2:00p.m. on Dec. 5, 1945, five planes took off in fine weather from the airport of Florida, on a training task. Two hours later, the leader in the sky radioed that he was “completely lost”. Then there was silence. Another plane was sent to look for them and also disappeared.
      One of the largest ship that had disappeared in the triangle was an American coal ship, 500meters long. The weather was good, and there were no messages for help before it was “gone”. No broken ships or dead bodies have been found so far.
      No one is able to tell how all these accidents have happened. A group of Japanese scientists were there to see what it was really like in 1995, but nothing has been heard of them ever since.
    小题1: What is the passage mainly about?
    A.How the Bermuda Triangle ate up the planes and ships.
    B.Why many of the planes and ships have disappeared.
    C.Strange accidents happened in the Bermuda Triangle, no one can tell why
    D.When the Bermuda Triangle was formed very strangely.
    小题2: How many planes had lost in December 1945?
    小题3: What does the underline word “radioed” mean?
    A.Wrote sound message using a radio.
    B.Listened to sound message using a radio.
    C.Sent sound message using a radio.
    D.Received sound message using a radio.
    小题4: Why was the leader in the plane lost?
    A.He met with terrible weather.
    B.He was losing the right direction.
    C.Airport didn’t give him an answer.
    D.The reasons are still unknown.
    小题5: What about the group of Japanese scientists who went to Bermuda?
    A.They have also disappeared very strangely.
    B.They have not heard of anything important.
    C.They are still working hard in Bermuda.
    D.They’ve come back, knowing nothing about it.

  • People cannot reach an agreement on the use of science and technology. For example, will radiation f

    People cannot reach an agreement on the use of science and technology. For example, will radiation from electronic equipment destroy the environment? Should medical scientists change gene structures to prevent genetic disease or to create “more perfect” human beings? While people are arguing about these and others, technology continues to influence our everyday lives—the home, health and education, entertainment and communication, and so on.
    Some people carry on active social lives with computers —their own or the ones in public places like cafes, social centers, libraries, and so on. Communicating with others in chat rooms,  computer users can get to know people they might never meet in traditional ways. With live online video connections, two people with cameras in their computers can see and talk to each other from separate places.
    With modern telephone technology, most people stopped writing lettters—especially personal letters and notes. But now, writing to communicate has returned in electronic form, or e-mail, which is a way of sending messages from one computer to another. For some computer users, the wish to communicate intelligently or creatively with others makes them want to write better.
    Computer technology has also made it possible to run a house electronically. From turning lights on and off to starting the coffee and cooking the hot meal, computers are taking care of people at home. Many modern machines have computer chips that allow their owners to program them. For instance, you can “instruct” a microwave oven how to cook a dish. Most entertainment equipment operates with computer technology too. Computers can even start cars automatically so that on cold winter mornings you can get into a warmed-up vehicle and drive off.
    Although much of the technology in our everyday lives has good effects, there are some uses that raise questions. For example, are interactive media ( i.e., a combination of television, telephone, and computer) going to control minds, cause people to forget about family life and personal relationships? What effects will the genentic engineering of food have on people’s health? High-tech medical treatments can make a person live a much longer life, but can they improve the health and happiness of human beings? Only time will tell, but, in the meantime, science and technology will continue to move forward. 
    小题1:What does the underlined word “ chips” mean?
    A.thin pieces of potatoesB.small holesC.small pieces of woodD.central parts
    小题2: We can know from the passage that _________.
    A.technology never stops changing our everyday lives
    B.with computers each of us can live a comfortable life
    C.people can do more activities with computers
    D.the more you use computers, the better you might write
    小题3: What can we infer from the underlined sentence in the last paragraph?
    A.The longer you live, the happier you are.
    B.High-tech medical treatments can’t improve our health and happiness.
    C.High-tech medical treatments can’t help us with everything.
    D.The writer questioned high-tech medical treatments somehow.
    小题4:What is the best title for the passage?
    A.Science and New TechnologyB.Computers Change Our Lives
    C.Everyday Uses of TechnologyD.Only Time Will Tell

  • Parents today also worry about their children’s diets. Some doctors give the following advice:小题1:Ac

    Parents today also worry about their children’s diets. Some doctors give the following advice:     

    小题1:According to the doctors’ advice ,what does junk food include ?
    A.milk and vitamins.B.Fruits and sugar.
    C.Vegetables and salt.D.Fat, oil, salt and sugar.
    小题2:In this passage, doctors think that teenagers should eat more ______ .
    A.food with no vitamins. B.fat and sugar C.vegetables and fruitsD.salt and oil
    小题3:The best title for this passage is ______ .
    A.Bad Habits B.junk Food C.unhealthy Food D.advice on Healthy Eating

  • Everybody can suffer from stress.No matter what your age is,you can feel stressed out by things that

    Everybody can suffer from stress.No matter what your age is,you can feel stressed out by things that are happening in your life.Teenagers,however,have many more opportunities to get stressed than people in any other age group.Being a teenager is hard.You are not a child any more,but you are not an adult,even though you have to deal with some very grown-up problems and decisions.Families can be one of the biggest causes of stress,such as problems with parents arguing at home.or problems with brothers and sisters.Teenagers also have a lot of stress from school,either from their teachers or from their friends.Some teenagers also feel stressed about choosing their education after high school.Getting a place at university can be very difficult and some cannot afford to go to university.The stress about getting a job when finishing school is hard for some teenagers.There are so many young people finishing school and not enough jobs for them.Sadly,there is nothing we can do to remove these causes of stress from the 1ives of teenagers,but you can learn the best way to deal with it.Talking to people is one of the best ways to deal with stress.It may sound simple,but it is true.A problem shared is a problem halved.
    小题1:Why is being a teenager often difficult?
    A.Because even though you are not an adult,you must deal with adult problems.
    B.Because even though you are an adult,you must deal with children’s problems.
    C.Because even though you are a teenager,you must do a lot of homework.
    D.Because adults often make them feel stressed.
    小题2:Families can add to the stress a teenager might experience ________.
    A.by asking them to go to university
    B.by helping them with their homework
    C.as teenagers quarrel with their parents,and their brothers or sisters
    D.as families never support their children enough
    小题3:Why can leaving school be a stressful time for teenagers?
    A.Because they will be leaving their favourite teachers.
    B.Because many people’s favourite memories are at school.
    C.Because they may worry about getting a place at university.
    D.Because they may worry about becoming an adult.
    小题4:Why can finding a job after finishing school be difficult?
    A.Because there is a lot of competition for jobs.
    B.Because there are no jobs.
    C.Because a job is more difficult than school work.
    D.Because there is a lot of competition for places at university.
    小题5:We can deal with the stress in our life ________.
    A.by not trying to find a job
    B.by forgetting about our problems
    C.by getting a place at university
    D.by sharing our problems with our friends

  • We each have a memory(记忆力). That’s why we can still remember things after a long time. Some people h

    We each have a memory(记忆力). That’s why we can still remember things after a long time. Some people have very good memories and they can easily learn many things by heart, but some people can only remember things when they say or do them again and again. Many of the great men of the world have got unusual memories.
    A good memory is a great help in learning a language. Everybody learns his mother language when he is a small child. He hears the sounds, remembers them and then he learns to speak. Some children are living with their parents in foreign countries. They can learn two languages as easily as one because they hear, remember and speak two languages every day. In school it is not so easy to learn a foreign language because the pupils have so little time for it, and they are busy with other subjects, too.
    But your memory will become better and better when you do more and more exercises.
    小题1:Some people can easily learn many things by heart because_________________.
    A.they always sleep very wellB.they often eat good food
    C.they read a lot of booksD.they have very good memories
    小题2:Everybody learns his mother language____________________.
    A.at the age of sixB.when he is a small child
    C.after he goes to schoolD.when he can read and write
    小题3:Before a child can speak, he must_________________.
    A.read and writeB.make sentences
    C.hear and remember the soundsD.think hard
    小题4:In school the pupils can’t learn a foreign language well because_______________.
    A.they have no good memoriesB.they have no recorders
    C.they have too much time for itD.they are busy with other subjects
    小题5:Your memory will become better and better_______________________.
    A.if you have plenty of good foodB.if you do more and more exercises
    C.if you do morning exercises every dayD.if you get up early

  • There is a new shopping mall(商场) near my school. It is very big. There are five floors(层) of shops a

    There is a new shopping mall(商场) near my school. It is very big. There are five floors(层) of shops and each floor is very big. There are lots of clothes shops, but only one sports shop. There are lots of restaurants(饭馆) on the top(顶部的) floor, you can eat different kinds of food from different countries(国家). I like going to see a movie. The mall is a really good place to go. It is a good place to meet friends.
    小题1:Where is the new shopping mall?
    A.behind the schoolB.near my home
    C.near my schoolD.behind my home
    小题2:How many floors are there in the shopping mall?
    A.four floorsB.five floorsC.three floorsD.six floors
    小题3: How many sports shop are there in the mall?
    A.only oneB.about twoC.twoD.three
    小题4: Which(哪一) floor are the restaurants?
    A.the second floorB.the third C.the fourthD.the fifth floor
    小题5:Where does the author(作者) like to go?
    A.clothes shopB.sports shopC.a movieD.restaurant

  • When you are learning English, you find it not clever to put an English sentence, word for word, int

    When you are learning English, you find it not clever to put an English sentence, word for word, into your own language. Take the sentence "How do you do?" as an example. If you look up each word in the dictionary, one at a time, what is your translation (翻译)? It must be a wrong sentence in your own language.
    Languages do not just have different sounds, they are different in many ways. It’s important to master(掌握) the rules(规则) for word order (顺序) in the study of English, too. If the speaker puts words in a wrong order, the listener can’t understand the speaker’s sentence easily.Sometimes when the order of words in an English sentence is changed, the meaning of the sentence changes. But sometimes the order is changed, the meaning of the sentence doesn’t change.
    Let’s see the difference between the two sentences:"She only likes apples. " "Only she likes apples. "
    When you are learning English, you must use it as the English speaker does.
    小题1:From the passage we know that _______when we are learning English.
    A.we shouldn’t put every word into our own language
    B.we should look up (查阅) every word in the dictionary
    C.we need to put every word into our own language
    D.we must read word by word
    小题2: The writer thinks it is________in learning English.
    A.difficult to understand different sounds
    B.possible to remember the word order
    C.important to master the rules in different ways
    D.easy to master the rules for word order
    小题3:We can learn from the passage that_______.
    A.the meaning of an English sentence always changes with the order of the words
    B.the order of words can never change the meaning of an English sentence
    C.sometimes different order of words has a different meaning
    D.if the order of words is different, the meaning of the sentence must be different

  • Colourful fruit and vegetables are good for our health. Their natural colours help protect our bodi

        Colourful fruit and vegetables are good for our health. Their natural colours help protect our bodies from disease(病,疾病). Think about the colours of fruit and vegetables: the red of tomatoes, the orange of carrots, the green of kiwi and the purple of grapes.
    You can enjoy eating fruit and vegetables of all colours---green, yellow, blue, purple, and white. Each colour is important to our health. These colours work together to protect our bodies. Scientists have studied them and discovered the good of colourful fruit and vegetables. The list below shows the good of some colours in fruit and vegetables:
    Red gives us a healthy heart. It can reduce(减少,降低) heart disease. Red helps improve our memory(记忆力).
    Yellow is good for our eyes.
    White can reduce cholesterol (胆固醇) .
    Green is good for our eyes, too. It also gives us strong bones and teeth.
    Blue helps us keep a good memory as we grow old. It also help fight heart disease. So when you are buying or eating fruit and vegetables, remember to try different colours of fruit and vegetables.
    小题1:Red can reduce___________.
    A.eye diseaseB.cholesterolC.reduce cholesterol D.heart disease
    小题2:Which colour can improve our memory?
    A. Red.          B. Green.          C. Blue.            D. A and C.
    小题3:If you want to keep your body strong, which colours are good for you
    A.Red and green.B.Yellow and blue.
    C.White and orange.D.All the above.
    小题4:The passage mainly tells us_____________.
    A.the importance of colourful fruit and vegetables
    B.white can reduce cholesterol
    C.yellow is also good for our eyes
    D.green gives us strong bones and teeth

  • One of the greatest mysteries on Earth is the statues which stand on Easter Island. Easter Island, w

    One of the greatest mysteries on Earth is the statues which stand on Easter Island. Easter Island, which was almost uninhabited when it was discovered on Easter Day in 1722 by a Dutch captain, is the most distant island in the world covered with hundreds of giant statues, each weighing several tons and some standing more than 30 feet tall.
    Who built these statues and why and how did they get there? Nobody knows the answer for sure.
    One theory suggests that Easter Island was first inhabited by Polynesians, who traveled thousands of miles in their canoes(独木舟)in 400 A.D. However, the ocean currents(洋流)which carried them there would not take them back, so that they could not leave.
    The statues appear to have been made out of the top edge of the walls of a volcano on the island. Then, it may have been rolled or dragged down to the foot of the volcano(火山). Then, it was stood upright(直立)and ropes were tied around it, which was made to act as a pulley(滑轮). Over a period of months, a statue could be walked for miles down to the ocean. Finally, it was placed in line with other statues, all of them looking towards the center of the island.
    This process was difficult. If a statue fell over, it was too heavy to be pulled upright again, so the islanders went back and carved another statue.
    The population of Easter Island must have reached 11,000. Later, the resources of the island were used up and people began fighting and eating each other. Work on the statues stopped and the statues were knocked over. When the first Europeans finally arrived on the island, most of these people had died out.
    小题1:This passage is mainly about ________ .
    A.the discovery of Easter IslandB.the statues on Easter Island
    C.the history of Easter IslandersD.the earliest population on Easter Island
    小题2: Which of the following correctly tells of the possible working process after a statue was made?
    a. It was stood upright and ropes were tied around it.
    b. It was walked for miles down to the ocean.
    c. It was placed in line with other statues.
    d. It was moved to the foot of the volcano.
    小题3: It’s not a fact that ________ .
    A.Easter Island is the most distant island in the world
    B.Easter is the name of a holiday
    C.not all the statues were placed in a line
    D.the island was once rich in natural resources
    小题4:The underlined word uninhabited most probably means ________.
    C.unknown to the worldD.with no people living there

  • Helping your children to read and write at home will improve their skills and confidence—it will als

    Helping your children to read and write at home will improve their skills and confidence—it will also make them get ready for learning in the classroom environment.
           are needed by every child in every subject in every year of their life in or outside school. Students who improve their reading and writing skills will increase their vocabulary and their ability(能力)to use the English language correctly. As parents, you can play an important role in improving your children’s literacy(读写能力). You can make a difference by listening, asking questions, giving information, and reading with your children outside school hours.
    Here are 8 tips on how to help your children to read and write:
    having everyday conversations with your children
    trying to ask more “wh-” questions instead of easy “yes” or “no” questions
    encouraging your children to talk about events you don’t know
    reading to your children each night
    listening to your children read
    teaching your children how to use dictionaries
    talking about your children’s writings
    practicing filling in forms, writing letters, sending cards or emails
    You can also encourage your children to join the Reading Challenge Club and discuss the books they are reading together. In the club, children must read 15 books from the Challenge book list and 5 more books chosen by themselves. There are over 1,000 books on the list. The reading must be done in one year. What’s more, it is a wonderful way to help your children to write. For example, you can encourage them to write diaries or book reviews. Remember to make positive comments as much as possible.
    小题1: This passage is mainly written for __________.
    小题2: __________ is the best for the missing part in Paragraph 2.
    A.“Listening and speaking skills” B.“Reading and writing skills”
    C.“Listening and writing skills”D.“Reading and listening skills”
    小题3: __________ is NOT mentioned in the 8 tips above.
    A.“Listening to the radio every day ”B.“Listening to your children read”
    C.“Reading to your children each night”D.“Talking about your children’s writings”
    小题4: In the Reading Challenge Club, children have to read __________ in one year.
    A.5 booksB.10 booksC.15 booksD.20 books
    小题5: Parents can help children to write by encouraging them to__________.
    A.draw pictures or take photosB.listen to pop music
    C.write diaries or book reviewsD.play computer games

  • Water is very important to living things.Without water there can be no life on the earth.All animals

    Water is very important to living things.Without water there can be no life on the earth.All animals and plants need water.Man also needs water.We need water to drink.to cool our food and to clean ourselves.Water is needed in offices,factories and schools.
    Water is needed everywhere.There is water in seas;rivers and lakes ,Water is found almost everywhere.Even in the driest part of the world.there is some water in the air.You cannot see or feel it when it is a part of the air.The water in the seas,rivers and lakes is a liquid。The water in the air is a gas,and we call it water vapor.
    Clouds are made of water.They may be made of very small drops of water.They may also be made of snow crystals(结晶体).Snow crystals are very,very small crystals of ice.Ice is frozen water.It is a solid.There can be snow and ice everywhere in winter.
    (   )4.Where Can we find water?
    A.We can find water when it turns into vapor.
    B.Water can be found almost everywhere
    C.We can see water in deserts here and there.
    D.Water is only in seas and rivers.
    (   )5.We must protect water resources because       
    A.crops need water        B.all living things need water
    C.all animals need water    D.all plants need water

  • Have you ever heard of a famous charity called Operation Smile? We hope we can help you understand h

    Have you ever heard of a famous charity called Operation Smile? We hope we can help you understand how we are trying to help children all over the world.

    Operation Smile was started by a doctor and his wife. In 1982, together with some volunteers, they went to Philippines to help children who had holes in their lips or inside their mouths. It was very difficult for them to eat and drink. These volunteers worked very hard. But they worried that they could not carry on with the work because they were short of money. Then they decided to start a charity so that they could help these needy children. They called it Operation Smile.
    Operation Smile works in more than twenty developing countries and has cured over 10,000 children who have problems with their mouths. Operation Smile has won many prizes for its work and in 1999 they even started a special event called“The World Journey of Hope”. 5,000 children in 18 countries are cured during the event.
    On the other hand, Operation Smile trains local doctors and nurses in developing countries so that they can continue to help children when Operation Smile has left. As to the children with much more serious problems, they will send them to America for further treatment.
    So show your kindness and generosity to the needy children now. You can send your donation to Operation Smile at local banks. Many thanks from the children who can smile now will come to you.
    小题1:Operation Smile is a famous _____, which was started by a doctor and his wife.
    小题2:Operation Smile helps the children by _____.
    A.curing the children who have problems with their mouths
    B.helping poor children go back to school
    C.helping blind children to see again
    D.offering houses to homeless children
    小题3: Five thousand children from _____ countries are cured during the event “The World Journey of Hope”.
    A. ten                 B sixteen          C. eighteen            D. twenty
    小题4:Why did they worry that they could not carry on with the work?
    Because  _____.
    A.there were no more volunteers
    B.they went to America for further study
    C.they didn’t have enough money
    D.the doctors were too busy
    小题5:What does the writer ask us to do to show our kindness and generosity to the needy children?
    A.To donate money at local banks.
    B.To be a volunteer in Philippines.
    C.To send cards to the needy children.
    D.To be a doctor of Operation Smile.

  • Thinking is something you choose to do as a fish chooses to live in water. To be human is to think.

    Thinking is something you choose to do as a fish chooses to live in water. To be human is to think. But thinking may come naturally without your knowing how you do it. Thinking about thinking is the key to critical(批判性的) thinking. When you think critically, you take control of your thinking processes(过程). Otherwise, you might be controlled by the ideas of others. Indeed, critical thinking is at the heart of education.
    The word “critical” here has a special meaning. It does not mean taking one view against another view, as when someone criticizes another person for doing something wrong. The nature of critical thinking is thinking beyond the easily seen--beyond the pictures on TV, the untrue reports in the newspapers, and the faulty reasoning.
    Critical thinking is an attitude as much as an activity. If you are interested in life and want to dig deeper into it, you are a critical thinker. If you find pleasure in deep thinking about different ideas, characters, and facts, you are a critical thinker.
    Activities of the mind and higher-order reasoning(推理)are processes of deep and careful consideration. They take time, and do not go hand in hand with the fast speed in today’s world: fast foods, instant coffee, and self-developing film. If you are among the people who believe that speed is a measure(尺度)of intelligence(智慧), you may learn something new from a story about Albert Einstein. The first time Banesh Hoffman, a scientist, was to discuss his work with Albert Einstein. Hoffman was too nervous to speak. But Einstein immediately made Hoffman feel comfortable by saying, “Please go slowly. I don’t understand things quickly.” 
    小题1:Critical thinking is important to us because if we do not think critically, _______.
    A.it will be hard for us to think naturally and fast
    B.we might be controlled by other people’s ideas
    C.we will follow the ideas of others naturally
    D.we might be fooled by other people’s ideas
    小题2:If you are a critical thinker, you will ________.
    A.take one view against another view
    B.trust the reports in the newspapers
    C.think deeply about different ideas
    D.criticize other people for their mistakes
    小题3: In the last paragraph, “something new” suggests that ________.
    A.speed can improve intelligence
    B.intelligence is not decided by speed
    C.the smarter you are, the faster you do things
    D.the faster you do things, the smarter you become

  • Robots have been designed to do many things-play music,work in hospitals,but run a restaurant? There

    Robots have been designed to do many things-play music,work in hospitals,but run a restaurant? There are two robot receptionists(接待员) and six robot waitresses and waiters in the Dalu Robot Restaurant in Jinan,Shandong.One hundred customers can eat in the restaurant at a time.Two of the robots serve drinks,while the other four serve the food. Not all the work in the restaurant is done by them.There are also people working there,especially in the kitchen.The cooks are humans because the robots don’t have the skills to cook.
    小题1:Robots can play music.
    小题2:Six robots work in the Dalu Robot Restaurant.
    小题3:No people work in the kitchen.
    小题4:Only a few customers can eat in the restaurant at a time.
    小题5:The robots can’t cook delicious food.

  • If you are cycling in foreign countries, you will need to know what these traffic signs and signals

    If you are cycling in foreign countries, you will need to know what these traffic signs and signals mean.

    A sign like this one means that there is a bike lane(车道). If there is such a sign,you are required to use the bike lane.
    If there is not such a sign, you should ride with traffic as far to the right side of the road as possible.

    This signal means you can cross the street along with pedestrians(行人). It has a green picture of a oerson walking instead of using the word“walk”.

    This signal is the “don’t walk”sign. It is a picture of a red hand,
    meaning you should stop. You should wait to cross the street until the green picture of the person walking is showing.

    Car drivers and bikers must come to a complete stop at“STOP” signs.

    A“YIELD”sign means to slow down and be ready to stop.
    If there are pedestrians or vehicles in or near the crossroad, you must stop. If there is no traffic in or near the crossroad and it is safe, you may go through.

    This signal means you are coming to a zebra crossing. Car drivers
    and bikers must stop to allow people in the zebra crossing to cross the street.

    When people are working on the roads, parts of the road are often
    dug up or rough(不平整的). Be careful when yon are cycling. Rough roads could make you fall off your bike.
    If you must move into the road to go around a work area,you should stop and look carefully to be sure there is no traffic coming.

    A detour is a way of getting around a roadway that is closed. Roads are usually closed because of road work or dangerous conditions. If you must take a detour, be careful about the roads you aren’t used to.
    小题1:What are cyclists required to do when they see the sign?
    A.To ride against traffic.
    B.To ride on the left side of the road.
    C.To ride on the bike lane.
    D.To ride on the right side of the road
    小题2:Which of the following signs has the same meaning as the sign?

    小题3:What should cyclists do when they see the sign?
    A.They should be careful when they cycle on the rough road.
    B.They should take the rough road and fall off their bikes.
    C.They should move into the road to go around a work area.
    D.They should take another route instead of the closed roadway.

  • World Expo 2010 will be held in Shanghai. It will last from May 1st to October 31st, 2010. The Expo

    World Expo 2010 will be held in Shanghai. It will last from May 1st to October 31st, 2010. The Expo site covers a to­tal area of 5.28 km2.It spans(横跨) both sides of the HuangpuRiver, with 3.93 km2 in Pudong and 135 km2 in Puxi. There are five functional zones markedA B C D andE. Each of them has different functions.
    Zone A will host the na­tional pavilions(国家馆) of Asian countries except southeast Asian ones.
    Zone B will be home to the China Pavilion(中国馆) and Oceanian(大洋洲的) countries, Pavilions for International Orga­nizations, Theme Pavilions(主题馆), Expo Centre,and Perfor­mance Centre etc.
    Zone C will host the national pavilions of European, American and African countries. A large public amusement park will be built at the entrance of this zone.
    Zone D is home to Corpo­rate Pavilions(企业馆), the land is one of the original places of modern China’s na­tional industry. So some of the old industrial buildings will be kept and renovated(修复) into Expo pavilions.
    Zone E will host stand­alone(独立的) Corporate Pavil­ions, Urban Civilization Pavilion (城市文明馆), and Urban Best Practices Area.
    6.  How long will World Expo 2010 last?
    A.About four months.     B.About five months  C. About half a year  D. About a year
    7. Which of the following is not true according to the passage?
    A. The Expo site covers the area of 5.28 km2.
    B. The Expo site spans both sides of HuangpuRiver.
    C. There are five functionalzones marked A, B, C, D, and E.
    D. All of the five’ zones have the Same functions.
    8.Which zone will be home to the China Pavilion?
    A. Zone A.      B. Zone B.     C. Zone C.     D. Zone D.
    9. They will build       at the entrance of Zone C.
    A.a large museum       B. a large public amusement park
    C.  a theme pavilions     D. a large garden
    10. If you visit Zone D,        .
    A. you can visit Urban Best Practices Area
    B.you can know some information of American national industry
    C. you can find some Corporate Pavilions 
    D.you can have the chance to get to know some Oceanian countries.

  • What is your favorite color? Do you like yellow, orange, or red? If you do, you must be an active pe

    What is your favorite color? Do you like yellow, orange, or red? If you do, you must be an active person who enjoys life. Do you like blue? Then you are probably quiet, shy, and would rather follow than lead.
    Colors do influence our moods (情绪). A yellow room makes most people feel more cheerful and more relaxed than a dark green one; and a red dress brings warmth and cheer to the saddest winter day. On the other hand, black is depressing(令人压抑的). There was a black bridge over the Thames River, near London. The number of people who killed themselves on that bridge used to be larger than on any other bridge in the area -- until it was repainted green.
    Light and bright colors make people not only happier but also more active. In the factory, the workers will work better, harder, and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange rather than black.
    小题1: An active person may like
    A.yellow, orange, or redB.yellow, black, or red
    C.orange, blue, or blackD.black, red, or orange
    小题2:Most people feel more __ in a yellow room than in a dark green one.
    小题3: More people killed themselves on the black bridge than on any other bridge probably because ____
    A.the bridge was very tallB.the bridge was too crowded
    C.people didn’t like the bridgeD.the color of the bridge was depressing
    小题4: In the factory, when the machines are painted orange, the workers will work __
    A.worseB.harderC.more slowlyD.more angrily
    小题5:Which could be the best title for the passage?
    A.Cheerful ColorsB.Your Favorite Color
    C.The Secret of ColorD.The Color of a Bridge

  • What’s your dream vacation? Watching wildlife in Kenya? Boating down the Amazon? Sunbathing in Malay

    What’s your dream vacation? Watching wildlife in Kenya? Boating down the Amazon? Sunbathing in Malaysia? New chances are opening up all the time to visit the world. So we visit travel companies, compare prices, and pay our money.
    We know what our vacation costs us. But do we know what it might cost someone else? It’s true that many poorer countries now depend on tourism for foreign income. Unfortunately, though, tourism often harms the local(本地的) people more than it helps them.
    It might cost their homes and lands. In Myanmar, 5,200 people were forced to leave their homes among the pagodas(佛塔) in Bagan so that tourists could visit the pagodas.
    Tourism might also cost the local people their jobs and dignity(尊严). Local workers often find only low-paying jobs in the tourist industry. And most of the money do not help the local economy(经济). Instead, money return to the tour operators in richer countries, When the Maasai people in Tanzania were driven from their lands, some moved to poor places of the city. Others now make a little money selling things or acting for photos.
    Problems like these were noticed more than 20 years ago. But now tour operators and local governments are working together to begin correcting them. Tourists, too, are putting on the pressure.     
    The result is “ethical(合乎职业道德的)tourism”. Ethical tourism has people at its heart. New international agreements and rules can help protect the people’s lands, homes, economies and cultures. The beginnings are small, though, and the problems are complex(复杂的).
    But take heart. The good news is that everyone, including us, can play a part to help the local people in the places we visit. Tour operators and companies can help by making sure that local people work in good conditions and earn the money they should get.
    They can make it a point to use only locally owned hotel, restaurants and guide services. They can share some money to help the local economy. And they can help the local people plan and manage tourism.
    What can tourists do? First, we can ask tour companies to provide information about the conditions of local people. We can then make our choices and tell them why. And while we’re abroad, we can:
    Buy local foods and products.
    Pay a fair price for goods and services and not bargain for the cheapest price.
    Ask before taking photographs of people.
    They are not just part of the scenery!
    Let’s enjoy our vacation and make sure others do, too.
    小题1:Which of the following is not mentioned?
    A.Local people protected the pagodas in Bagan well.
    B.Tourists may stay in hotels opened by local people.
    C.Local people are mainly provided with low-paying work.
    D.Tourists had better not bargain with local people for a cheap price.
    小题2: The underlined phrase "take heart" means"      ".
    A.pay attentionB.take careC.cheer upD.give up
    小题3: According to the passage, the writer thinks          .
    A.tourism is not a promising industry
    B.dream vacations should be spent abroad
    C.the problems caused by tourism are easy to settle
    D.tourists should respect local customs and cultures
    小题4:What is probably the best title for the passage?
    A.Tourism Causes Bad Effects.B.Tourism Calls for Good Behavior.
    C.Vacations Bring a Lot of Fun.D.Vacations Cost More Than You Think.

  • “Who needs a shopping mall if you have Taobao?” says Sarah, 28, a writer in Beijing.Taobao, China’s

    “Who needs a shopping mall if you have Taobao?” says Sarah, 28, a writer in Beijing.
    Taobao, China’s largest online shopping site, has become an important part in Sarah’s life. She spends lots of money on Taobao.
    A growing number of Chinese Internet users like Sarah have found the joys of online shopping. Most online shoppers are students or young workers. More women shop online than men. Clothing and home-use products bought online are the most popular.
    It was reported that more than 300 billion yuan was spent on online shopping last year. 80% through Taobao.
    Taobao means “looking for treasure” in Chinese. People can find almost everything they need on Taobao, from clothes to books, from candies to DVD players.
    You many question the securitv of online shopping. Sarah said, “It’s safe, fast and easy. Unless you receive the products from the sellers and are satisfied with them, the shop owners will not get the money. You can also get your money back if you want to return the products.”
    小题1:What are the most popular online?
    A.Clothes and boods.B.Clothing and home-use products
    C.CandiesD.DVD players.
    小题2:Taobao is _______.
    A.a shopping mallB.an online shopper
    C.an online shopping siteD.a company that provides different products
    小题3:Most online shoppers are _______.
    A.menB.womenC.the youngD.the old
    小题4:The underlined word “security” means ________.

  • A desert is a very dry land where there is hardly any rain. In the day, it can be so hot that you co

    A desert is a very dry land where there is hardly any rain. In the day, it can be so hot that you could fry an egg on the ground. But during the night it is sometimes so could that water would turn into ice.

    Many desserts are covered in sand. But some have mountains, rocks, or lakes that have dried up in the heat. The Great American Dessert has cliffs(悬崖) that have been made into amazing and beautiful shapes by the wind. The Sahara Desert in Africa is mostly sand. The Australian Desert has red sand.
    Sometimes it does not rain for a whole year in the desert. But there is water deep under the ground and some plants have roots that go very deep to find it. Other plants have roots that spread out(延伸) a long way so they can suck up the rain as soon as it falls.
    One desert plant is the cactus, which has long, spreading roots. The cactus stores water inside its hard skin. This skin protects it from heat and cold.
    Camels are a bit like cactus plants! They store water too—inside their bodies. They have special fur which protects them from the sun during the day and keeps them warm at night.
    Some other animals live in deserts, too. They have to be very good at seeing and hearing because most of them only come out at night. This is why many desert animals have extra big eyes or ears.
    A desert fox has bigger ears than a normal for. A gerbil has huge eye, so that it can see at night. It stays cool in the day by staying underground, like most desert animals.
    Some people live in the desert but they always make their homes near an oasis. An oasis is where water comes from an underground river. Near an oasis, people can grow lots of plants and keep animals.
    Life is hard in the desert, for people, animals and plants. But desert people like to live there.
    小题1:A desert is very dry because__________.
    A.it is sandyB.there is so little rain
    C.the wind is strongD.there is no water deep under the ground
    小题2:What does the underlined phrase"suck up"in paragraph 3 mean_________?
    小题3:Some desert animals have extra big eyes or ears because__________.
    A.the sunlight is too strong in the dayB.they need to see and hear well at night
    C.it is very cold at nighD.they store water in them.
    小题4:Most desert animals stay cool in the day by_________.
    A.storing water in side their bodiesB.drinking water as much as they can
    C.staying undergroundD.growing lots of plants
    小题5:Which of the following is true?
    A.Desert people like to live in the desert though life is hard.
    B.People in the desert usually fry eggs on the ground.
    C.Camels have special fur to store water.
    D.All the deserts are covered in sand.

  • Go to Thailand(泰国)—it’s a great place to spend your holidays. I spent my last summer vacation in Tha

    Go to Thailand(泰国)—it’s a great place to spend your holidays. I spent my last summer vacation in Thailand. It’s really a beautiful place to travel to. Thai people are very helpful. They helped me a lot during traveling. I enjoyed outdoor activities like swimming, biking and diving(潜水). All of these were wonderful. I visited many temples(寺庙)and learned about their history. Their history is very old and interesting. It’s very different from ours. I shopped at the special(特殊的)market. It’s on a river and everyone sells their goods(货物)from their boats. Thai food is delicious, too! I also learned a little Thai boxing(拳击) from their schools. You’ll love Thailand, too.
    小题1:When did the writer go to Thailand?
    A. last month               B. last week                C. last summer
    小题2:How are Thai people?
    A. They’re friendly.           B. They’re excited.            C. They’re strange.   
    小题3:Their history is _____.
    A. short and interesting        B. long and interesting     C. old and boring
    小题4:Where did the writer shop?
    A. In a supermarket         B. In a bookstore           C. In a boat market
    小题5:Which of the following is NOT TRUE(不正确)?
    A. The write didn’t learn their history.
    B. The write did a lot of outdoor activities such as swimming and diving.
    C. The write also learned some Thai boxing.

  • Soon computers and other machines will be able to remember you by looking at your eyes! The programm

    Soon computers and other machines will be able to remember you by looking at your eyes! The programme works because everyone’s eyes are different. So in the future you won’t have to remember a number when you want to use a machine or take money out of a bank. You’ll just have to look at the machine and it will be able to tell who you are.
    The eye-recognition(眼睛识别) programme is already being tested in shops and banks in the USA, Britain, Spain, Italy and Turkey. Soon, this technology will take the place of all other ways of finding out who people are.
    However, scientists are working on other systems. Machines will soon be able to know you from the shape of your face or hand or even your smell! We already have machines that can tell who you are from your voice or the mark made by your finger.
    Eye-recognition is better than other kinds because your eyes don’t change as you get older, or get dirty like hands or fingers. And even twins have different eyes, so the programme can be up to 94% correct, depending on(依靠) how good the technology is. Some programmes may only be right 51% of the time. In Britain, it was found that 91% of people who had tried it said that they liked the idea of eye-recognition.
    In the future your computure will be looking at you in the eye. So smile!
    小题1: How does the eye-recognition programme work?
    A.You write your number.B.You show your ID card.
    C.You look at the machine.D.You say your name.
    小题2: Why can the programme be up to 94% correct?
    A.Because eyes never change.
    B.Because hands or fingers can get dirty.
    C.Because people like the idea of the programme.
    D.Because the programme is widely used around the world.
    小题3: Which of the following is TRUE?
    A.The programme is being tested in Japan.
    B.Machines with other systems can also tell who you are.
    C.91% people like the idea of the programme.
    D.Computers can remember you by looking at your clothes.
    小题4: What does Paragraph 4 talk about?
    A.Introduction to other kinds of programmes.
    B.Advantages of the programme.
    C.The places where the programme is tested.
    D.The way how the programme works.

  • Bamboo (竹子) is one of nature’s (自然) most surprising plants. Many people call this plant a tree, but

    Bamboo (竹子) is one of nature’s (自然) most surprising plants. Many people call this plant a tree, but it is a kind of grass.
    Like other kinds of grass, a bamboo plant may be cut very low to the ground, but it will grow back very quickly. A Japanese scientist reported one bamboo plant which grew 1. 5 metres(4 feet) in 24 hours! Bamboo grows almost everywhere in the world except Europe. There are more than 1, 000 kinds of bamboo.
    Not all bamboo looks the same. Some bamboo plants are very thin. They may only grow to be a few centimetres wide while others may grow to more than 30 centimetres (1 foot) across. This plant also comes in different colours, from yellow to black to green.
    Bamboo has been used to make many things such as hats and kitchen tools( 厨房用具). Because it is strong, bamboo is also used to build buildings.
    Many Asian countries have used bamboo for hundreds of years. They often use bamboo for buildings and supporting (支撑) new buildings and bridges while they are being built.
    In Africa, poor farmers are taught how to find water using bamboo. These African countries need cheap way to find water because they have no money, and their fields often die from no rain and no water. Bamboo pipes( 管子) help poor farmers bring water to their thirsty fields without spending a lot of money.
    小题1: How is bamboo like grass?
    A.It grows quickly.B.It’s wood. `C.it is easy to cut.D.It is very thin.
    小题2: Though you can see bamboo everywhere, it doesn’t grow       .
    A.in ChinaB.in EuropeC.on mountainsD.in Africa
    小题3: Why is bamboo used by African poor farmers? Because        .
    A.it is cheapB.it has different colours
    C.it is strongD.it has been used by Asians
    小题4: Bamboo pipes can       .
    A.make moneyB.be treesC.grow quicklyD.carry water
    小题5: In Asia, bamboo has been used for       .
    A.a short time
    B.many thousands of years
    C.many hundreds of years
    D.about 100 years

  • Why should we learn to swim?Firstly, swimming is a good exercise for our health. Indeed doctors say

    Why should we learn to swim?
    Firstly, swimming is a good exercise for our health. Indeed doctors say it is the best exercise, because in swimming all the muscles of the body are used.
    Secondly, swimming gives great pleasure. How nice it is, on a hot dusty day in summer, to take off one’s clothes and dive into the cool water of a rive or the sea, and to swim and float until one feels enough.
    Thirdly, swimming may sometimes mean all the different between life and death, we never know when we may be in danger from water. We got on a voyage, and the ship in wrecked; we go for a pleasure sail on a lake and the boat turns over; we slip as we are walking along the bank of a river, and half in the water. If we can swim, we have chance for saving our own lives, but if we cannot swim, we are pretty certain to be drowned. So for our own safety, we should learn to swim.
    Lastly, if we can swim, we may be able to save other people from drowning. How sad it is to see a friend drowning before our eyes while we cannot help just because we cannot swim.
    11.Who says that swimming is the best exercise?  _________.
    A. Farmers          B. Dentists     C. Fishermen            D. Doctors
    12.When swimming, ________.
    A. We don’t move at all                    B. all the muscle of the body are used
    C. we move our legs only                D. we drink lots of seawater into our stomach
    13.Swimming ­­­­________.
    A. gives great pain                     B. gives no pleasure   
    C. gives much pleasure                  D. does harm to the body
    14.If we can swim, ________.
    A. we are no longer humans, but fish         B. we shall be drowned one day
    C. we have a chance of saving our own lives   D. we can’t walk any more
    15.If we can swim, ________.
    A. we may be able to help others from drowning 
    B. we can’t save others from drowning
    C. it is pretty danger certain that we will get drowned
    D. there is a great danger when we fall into the water

  • Cars are lots of fun, but they could also be dangerous. We have to be careful when we drive them or

    Cars are lots of fun, but they could also be dangerous. We have to be careful when we drive them or ride in them.
    It's always a good idea to put on your seat belt when you're in a car. Why? Think about this example: You put an egg on a skateboard and give it a push. If the skateboard hits a stone, it will stop, but the egg won't. It will fly through the air, hit the ground and break.
    Now, think what would happen if you tied the egg to the skateboard. When the skateboard hits a stone, the egg won't go flying; it will stay safely on the skateboard.
    Volvo, a famous Swedish carmaker, was the first to use seat belts in 1849.
    Air bags are also very important for car safety, because sometimes a seat belt isn't enough. If the car is going really fast and runs into something, seat belts could even hurt the people who wear them. Most new cars have air bags in front of and next to the seats. When a car hits something, its air bags will come out quickly in less than one second to keep the people inside safe.
    小题1:The passage mainly tells us                  .
    A.two important ways to keep safe in carsB.how air bags work to make cars safe
    C.how seat belts work to make cars safeD.why we must tie the egg to the skateboard
    小题2:The writer gives the example of the egg to _.
    A.tell us that eggs are easy to break
    B.show how to wear a seat belt
    C.show why it's important to wear a seat belt in a car
    D.tell us what a skateboard is
    小题3:Seat belts can make us safer because .
    A.we are interested in them
    B.they can stop us from hitting other cars
    C.they can help us stay safely on the seats
    D.they are made of strong materials
    小题4:Air bags are important for cars because _.
    A.they are made of plastic
    B.they can also help us to keep safe in a car
    C.they can keep cars running slowly
    D.they are put in front of and next to the seats
    小题5:Which of the following is TRUE according to this passage?
    A.It won't be dangerous if there are seat belts or air bags in a car.
    B.Now most of new cars still have only one air bag.
    C.When a car hits something, its air bags will come out a few minutes later.
    D.Volvo was the first to use seat belts.

  • 阅读短文,根据内容判断正误。正确的选“A”,错误的选“B”Blogs (博客) are the place where young people go to reveal(释放) their soul

    Blogs (博客) are the place where young people go to reveal(释放) their souls(灵魂). Many people enjoy the freedom in blogging. Some, however, find that putting one’s life online can have a price. Some students in America got suspensions (暂停) because on their blogs they posted threatening words to their teachers.
    Recent surveys found that nearly one fifth of teens who have access to the Web have their own blogs. And 38% of teens say they read other people’s blogs. By comparison, about a tenth of adults have their own blogs and a quarter say they read other people’s online journals.
    With the development of the Internet, more and more people will be engaged in blogging.
    In another survey, 79% of teens agreed that people at their age aren’t careful enough when giving out information about themselves online. Besides, careless blogging can also affect blog viewers. When you are angry or frustrated, your blog is the first place you turn to. The words you post then may not be rational which you may regret(后悔) later. To reduce the negative effect, change the permission setting and make such posts “private” so that only you can read them.
    As long as you are careful with what you post, blogging is a great means of staying in touch with friends and displaying one’s creative works.
    小题1:      Blogs are the place where people go online to express themselves freely.
    小题2:     The fact that some American students got suspensions is used to show that people should not put their life online. 


    小题3:      The underline word “rational” in the fifth paragraph probably means reasonable(合理的).

    小题4:     The passage is mainly about advantages and disadvantages of blogs.
    小题5:     Recent surveys found that over 50% of teens who have access to the Web have their    own blogs.

  • Look at the photo. The two girls have big blue eyes(眼睛) and long brown(棕色) hair(头发). They are ten. T

    Look at the photo. The two girls have big blue eyes(眼睛) and long brown(棕色) hair(头发). They are ten. They are in the same class. The one in a yellow skirt(裙子) is Lily. The other(另外的) one in an orange skirt is Lucy. Their(他们的) dad is Mr. White. He is in a brown coat(大衣). Their mum is Mrs. White. She is in black shoes(鞋子). Bob is their brother. He is in a blue cap(帽子). He is a high school student. Look! Lucy and Lily are in the green car.
    (       ) 1. What does Lucy look like(看起来像…)?
    A. She has big eyes. Her hair is long
    B. Her eyes are blue. She has brown hair
    C. A and B
    (       ) 2. Mr. and Mrs. White have                   .
    A. three children(孩子) B. one daughter C. two sons
    (       ) 3.                    in the brown coat.
    A. Mr. White is B. Mrs. White is    C. Lily is
    (       ) 4. Bob isn’t ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­                  .
    A. in a brown cap   B. in a blue cap    C. in a high school
    (       ) 5. What color is the Lily’s skirt?
    A. yellow   B. blue C. orange

  • Eating out is more popular in Britain today than it has ever been. It is reported that British peopl

    Eating out is more popular in Britain today than it has ever been. It is reported that British people spend more eating out than cooking for themselves and eating at home. It seems that many British people are becoming more and more interested in how good their food tastes, and also how healthy it is.
    However, eating out can also be expensive, so British people do not eat out every night. When having a date with friends, or having a birthday, many people like to go to a restaurant, and people often also eat in a restaurant before going to the cinema or the theater.
    As in all cultures, there are many rules of manners about eating. The knife and fork should be used in the correct way. It is also impolite to speak with your mouth full then you are eating.
    Most British cities have a large collection of food as well as British food, from the very cheap to the very expensive- French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and many, many more.
    When people are too tired to cook after work, they often get a “takeaway”. This means that they order from a take-out restaurant by telephone, and then go to get it. Many take-out restaurants also send it to your house. All you have to do is to open the door, pay and eat!
    小题1:When do British people often eat in a restaurant?
    A.After having a birthday.B.Before watching a movie.
    C.When they feel tired.D.If they want to have natural food.
    小题2:Many people prefer to eat out nowadays because __________.
    A.eating out is cheaper than cooking at home
    B.they can learn more manners in the restaurant
    C.people care more about their food than before
    D.people don’t like to stay at home after work
    小题3:From the fourth paragraph, we can learn that _________.
    A.British dishes are very expensiveB.Japanese dishes are most expensive
    C.British people like foreign foodD.French food is most popular
    小题4: The “takeaway” is the food __________.
    A.you order and take out of the restaurant
    B.that is left when you are eating in a restaurant
    C.you order but don’t need to pay at once
    D.that is sold and ordered only on the phone
    小题5:What is the best title(标题) of the passage?
    A.British restaurant cultureB.British table manners
    C.Best restaurants in BritainD.Best food in Britain

  • Many companies use guards and expensive alarm systems to protect their property(财产)。 Soon a new kind

    Many companies use guards and expensive alarm systems to protect their property(财产)。 Soon a new kind of protection will be used- robots. Engineers have been working on the first mobile robots for businesses. The robots will patrol(巡逻) factories, warehoues(仓库),and museums at night.
    The mobile robots will move around slowly on wheels. They will be able to detect people through walls and pick up sounds, such as breaking glass. They can be fixed with lound sirens(警笛) to frighten thieves, or radios to signal police or guards.
    To protect a building, a robot will have to move around without knocking into the walls. Information about the building will have to be stored in the robot’s small, built-in computer. A floor map could be programmed into the computer’s memory, for example.
    A mobile robot will not be able to do everything. Unlike human guards, it will not be able to climb stairs, open doors, or move along rough ground. It won’t be able to tell the difference between friends and enemies. Because of that, people will have to be barred from the area it patrols.
    One kind of mobile robot will be able to “sense” whether a chair or box has been moved and go around it. This robot will also judge size well enough so that it won’t send an alam if a cat crosses the room. And if someone tries to steal this robot, it will sound a loud, painful siren. The three-foot-tall robot will be hard to steal anyway. It will weigh about 200 pounds.
    U.S companies pay almost $10 billion a year to protect their property with alarm systems and human guards. Mobile robots may be cheaper.
    小题1:Why is the new kind of robots called mobile robots?
    A.Because they are able to climb stairs.B.Because they are able to send an alarm
    C.Because they can open doors.D.Because they can move around slowly on wheels
    小题2: How will a robot get directions for moving around a building?
    A.From a human guard .B.From a built- in computer.
    C.From another robot .D.From radio signals.
    小题3: What does the underlined word barred mean?
    A.protectedB.allowed .C.markedD.prevented
    小题4: According to the text, a mobile robot will NOT be able to ___________.
    A.sense whether something has been moved.B.sense a cat crossing the room.
    C.move over rough ground .D.detect people through walls.
    小题5:This text mainly describes how robots will ___________.
    A.protect the museumB.set off a siren .
    C.judge the size of a person.D.patrol buildings.

  • Many strong and out-of-control emotions are recognized as an illness. People who are always very sad

    Many strong and out-of-control emotions are recognized as an illness. People who are always very sad have depression (抑郁症); those who worry a lot have anxiety.
    But what about anger problems? Anger is largely viewed as a secondary emotion – one caused by other emotions. People are thought to be angry because they are sad, anxious or stressed. In the past, many doctors didn’t accept the idea that anger could be a problem all on its own.
    Today, though, a growing number of mental health experts think that anger is a serious problem that needs its own treatment.
    How to tell the difference between “normal” anger and “anger problem” is difficult. After all, everyone gets really mad from time to time. Experts point out a few ways.
    Disordered anger, as it is sometimes called, tends to be of greater intensity (强度). It takes very little to set off a person with an anger problem, and their responses (反应) are very strong. An example: While most people would get upset if a driver cut them off, someone with disordered anger might try to chase down the car and force it off the road.
    And in cases of disordered anger, the person gets angry more frequently and his/her anger lasts longer. For most people, angry feelings disappear quickly. But people with anger problems often stay angry for days, weeks or even years; their feelings of anger don’t disappear over time.
    Consequences are also important to consider: Disordered anger often damages people’s lives. “It interferes (干扰) with people’s relationships and their jobs,” says Raymond Chip Tafrate, a US psychologist. “Even their health is affected.”
    Anger clearly increases the risk of certain health problems, as many studies have shown. “When a person is angry, their heart beats faster and their blood pressure goes up,” says Howard Kassinove, a professor at Hofstra University in New York. Over time, these changes take their toll on the body, he adds.
    Experts suggest that people with an anger problem take anger-management programs. The programs teach people to control their responses to stressful situations through the use of relaxation techniques. The programs sometimes include life-skills training as well: increasing someone’s level of competence (竞争)– whether on the job or as a parent or partner – helps bring down stress and cut angry feelings.
    小题1:A person who _________ most possibly has disordered anger in the experts’ opinion?
    A.can’t get out of anger quickly
    B.is dissatisfied with relationships
    C.has high blood pressure
    D.is worried about his job
    小题2:What does the underlined word Consequences mean?
    小题3:Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
    A.Anger is an secondary emotion that makes people sad and stressed.
    B.Anger was recognized as an illness by most doctors in the past.
    C.A person with an anger problem gets angry more often and easily.
    D.The use of relaxation techniques is the best way to manage anger.
    小题4: What is the best title of the passage?
    A.Can anger be an illness?
    B.Is it disordered anger?
    C.Can anger influence our life?
    D.Is anger management important?

  • If we are driving a car or crossing a street, we will stop when the traffic lights turn red. Why do

    If we are driving a car or crossing a street, we will stop when the traffic lights turn red. Why do we use red rather than other colors?
    As we know, scattering (散射) happens when light goes through the air. For the same media, if the wavelength (波长) is long, the scattering will be short. If the wavelength is short, then the scattering will be long.
    Of all light we can see red has the longest wavelength, so the scattering is the weakest. That means the red light travels far. In fact, it travels farther on rainy days.
    Using the red light can help drivers in farther areas see the lights. It helps drivers slow down or stop in time. If drivers don’t see the red light until they are close, they may not be able to stop the car in time. An accident may happen. Red can also excite people. We can act more quickly when we see the color red.
    In a word, red light helps drivers stop in time and help prevent accidents.
    小题1:______ has the longest wavelength of all light we can see.
    小题2:Red light travels farther on ______ days.
    小题3:Red can make people act more quickly because ____________.
    A.red can make people happierB.the scattering of red is very short
    C.the scattering of red is very longD.red can make people more excited
    小题4:The underlined word “prevent” means ______ in Chinese.
    小题5:The passage mainly tells us ____________.
    A.why accidents happenB.how the red light travels
    C.why we use red traffic lightsD.how to stop in time at traffic lights

  • Sometimes people call ours a “throwaway society”. That means that we’re always throwing away old thi

    Sometimes people call ours a “throwaway society”. That means that we’re always throwing away old things and buying new ones. Many times, you no longer need something, but someone else may just need to buy one. For example, if your baby doesn’t like his toy car any longer, why not give it to a nearly family who has a little kid? That’s one less plastic toy car that they need to buy. It’s also one less plastic toy that needs to be produced, packaged and shipped to the toy store.
    Here are some other ways to help save resources (资源)for the society:
    ★Use the other side of the paper.
    ★Use rechargeable (可再充电的) batteries for your electric toys, MP3 players, cell phones, and cameras.
    ★ Choose reusable travel cups instead of disposable (一次性的) paper or plastic cups.
    ★Take your own cloth shopping bags when you go shopping.
    ★ Drink tap water instead of buying bottled water.
    And there are some things you can exchange with your friends, for example, books, toys, even clothes. It's a way for everyone to get something new without spending any money and without throwing many things away.
    小题1:The underlined word "ours" in the passage refers to (指代) _______.
    A.our societyB.our old things
    C.our lifeD.our throwaway things
    小题2:According to the writer, if we give a second - hand toy car to a neighbor kid, we can____.
    A.buy another new oneB.help toy business develop
    C.make the family very thankful to usD.help save resources for the society
    小题3: Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
    A.We should buy things that can be reused in our daily life.
    B.We can exchange some things with others for further use.
    C.It's good for us to throw away old things and buy new ones.
    D.We are supposed to give the things we no longer need to our neighbors.
    小题4:What should we do in our daily life after reading the passage?
    A.Try to throw as few old things as we can.
    B.Use as many disposable things as possible.
    C.Drink bottled water even though there is tap water around.
    D.Buy everything we need instead of exchanging them with others.

  • Is it a tree? Is it a bear? If you’re looking at a tree in the shape of a bear, it’s a topiary(林木雕塑)

    Is it a tree? Is it a bear? If you’re looking at a tree in the shape of a bear, it’s a topiary(林木雕塑). A topiary is a tree or a bush(灌木) that is trained into a shape. Growing a topiary garden takes both time and skills.
    A topiary gardener should make a drawing first. The drawing shows the final shape that the gardener likes. The gardener then chooses a bush for the topiary. It may be one that just planted or one that is already in place.
    In June of the plant’s first year, the gardener looks for new leaves. When the leaves grow, it’s time to shape(给……造型) the bottom of the bush. It needs about five years. The top is not trimmed during this time. In the fifth year, the bush grows tall enough for shaping. Then the gardener begins to shape the whole bush.
    Once a topiary has been started, it needs care all year. In the summer it must be cut many times to keep its shape. This cutting also helps the bush grow. In the winter the bushes don’t grow. The gardeners have to brush snow of the plants, or snow may hurt some parts of them.
    Topiary gardening is very old art. The Romans did it in the first Century. In the sixteenth century, people in Europe like topiaries too. By the late 1600s, topiaries were also grown in America. Today it’s popular in many parts of the world.
    小题1: Put the following in the right order according to the passage.
    a. The gardener chooses a bush for the topiary.
    b. The whole bush grows tall enough for shaping.
    c. The gardener begins to shape the bottom of the bush.
    d. The gardener draws the shape of a topiary.
    小题2:In which part of the world did the topiary gardening begin first?
    A.In Rome.B.In Europe.C.In America.D.In Africa.

  • Have you ever wondered why birds sing? Maybe you thought that they were just happy. After all,you pr

    Have you ever wondered why birds sing? Maybe you thought that they were just happy.  After all,you probably sing or whistle when you are happy.
    Some scientists believe that birds do sing some of the time just because they are happy. However,they sing most of the time for a very different reason. Their singing is actually a warning to other birds to stay out of their territory.
    Do you know what a ’territory’ is? A territory is an area that an animal,usually the male,claims(声称)as its own. Only he and his family are welcome there. No other families of the same kind are welcome. Your garden and house are your territory where only your family and friends are welcome. If a stranger should enter your territory and threaten(威胁)you,you might shout. Probably this would be enough to frighten him away.
    If so,you have actually scared the stranger away without having to fight him. A bird does the same thing. But he expects an outsider almost any time,especially at nesting(筑巢)season. So he is screaming all the time,whether he can see an outsider or not. This screaming is what we call a bird’s song,and it is usually enough to keep an outsider away.
    Birds sing loudest in the spring when they are trying to attract a mate and warn others not to enter the territory of theirs..
    You can see that birds have a language of their own. Most of it has to do with attracting mates and setting up territories.
    小题1: Some scientists believe that most of the time bird’s singing is actually _______.
    A.away of warningB.an expression of happiness
    C.an expression of angerD.away of greeting
    小题2:What is a bird’s "territory"?.
    A.A place where families of other kinds are not accepted.
    B.A place where a bird may shut at the top of its voice
    C.An area for which birds fight against each other.
    D.An area which a bird considers to be its own.
    小题3: Why do birds keep on singing at nesting season?
    A.Because they want to invite more friends.
    B.Because they want to find outsiders around.
    C.Because their singing helps frighten outsiders away.
    D.Because their singing helps remove their fears.
    小题4:How does the writer explain bird’s singing?
    A.By comparing birds with human beings.B.By reporting experiment results.
    C.By describing birds’ daily life.D.By telling a bird’s story.

  • You can’t see any object unless light from that object gets into your eyes.Some of the things you se

    You can’t see any object unless light from that object gets into your eyes.Some of the things you see give off light of their own。The sun,the stars,a lighted lamp are the examples that can be seen by their own light.But most of the things you see are not giving off light of their own.They are just reflecting(反射)light that falls on them from the sun or some other luminous bodies.The moon,for example,doesn’t give off any light of its own.It is not 1uminous.You see it because sunlight falls on it and some of the sunlight reflects on the earth.So moonlight is only second—hand sunlight.
    When you look at a book,it sends some of the light which fails on it to your eyes,and you see the book.If light could be kept out from where you’re so that there would be no light from the book to reflect.Then you couldn’t see the book even with your eyes wide open.Light travels so fast that the time in which it travels from the book you’re reading to your eyes is as short as if there were no time at time.Light reaches us from the moon,which is about 380,000 kilometres away,in only a little more than a second.
    小题1:You can see the book because________.
    A.your eyes are close to itB.it reflects some of the light
    C.it has light of its ownD.it is big enough to be seen
    小题2:The Chinese meaning of the world“luminous”is close to_______.
    小题3:________has light of its own.
    A.The moonB.The earthC.The sunD.The satellite of Dong Fong Hong
    小题4:Light travels about_________kilometers per second.
    小题5:Which of the following is TRUE?
    A.All the things you can see give off light.
    B.Light from the book is much faster than that from the moon.
    C.The moment you open your eyes,the light from the book travels to your eyes.
    D.Light travels so fast that there is no time for you to read.

  • Look at the paper in the picture carefully. Is there anything different from your notebook paper? Th

    Look at the paper in the picture carefully. Is there anything different from your notebook paper? This kind of paper feels as soft as your notebook paper. It’s also easy to write on. But do you know, this kind of paper is made from stone?
    As we know, stone is easy to get on the earth, so it’s cheap. And the stone paper is about 20% to 30% cheaper than ordinary paper. The stone paper causes little pollution and helps protect the environment, because it makes tree and water free. The following table shows what is needed to make one ton of stone paper and one ton of ordinary paper. 
    One ton of
    Stone paper
    0.8 ton
    0.2 ton
    Ordinary paper
    5 tons
    72 M3
    0.2-0.3 ton
    Now in Beijing, some students begin to use stone paper to do their homework. And during the two sessions (两会) in 2011, stone paper was also used.
    小题1:Stone paper is ______________.
    A.cheapB.difficult to write onC.not softD.bad
    小题2: We need  _______________ ton of stone to make one ton of stone paper..
    A.0.8B.0.3C. 0.2 D.0.25
    小题3: ________________in Beijing begin to use stone paper to do their homework.
    A.All the studentsB.Some studentsC.Many studentsD.Nobody

  • For many people the subject of hiccups (嗝) is a joke, but for Harry Mendes, a fifteen-year-old schoo

    For many people the subject of hiccups (嗝) is a joke, but for Harry Mendes, a fifteen-year-old schoolboy from Birmingham, it was something quite different.
    His hiccups began one Sunday lunch time and continued day and night for two weeks. After the first week, Harry’s parents took him to hospital, but it took another week for the doctors to cure his attack.
    Harry, who is now back at school, described what happened to him.
    “When I began to hiccup, I drank a glass of water but that didn’t do any good. That evening I had hiccups every four seconds. We tried everything to stop them. I held my breath and drank cold drinks. My father even tried to give me a shock but that didn’t work either.”
    After a week of sleepless nights, he went to hospital. The doctors took an X-ray of his chest but they couldn’t find anything wrong.
    “They gave me some medicine and my hiccups slowed down, but it was another week before the medicine worked completely and my hiccups stopped.”
    Harry was very lucky. The world record holder is the American farmer Charles Osborne, who hiccupped for sixty-eight years. He stopped in 1990 at last, but nobody knows why.
    小题1:Harry’s hiccups lasted ____.
    A.a weekB.fourteen daysC.twenty-eight daysD.one month
    小题2:His hiccups started after he ____.
    A.drank a glass of waterB.went to hospital
    C.ate an Indian mealD.finished his homework
    小题3:His parents decided to take him to hospital when he ____.
    A.hiccupped for four secondsB.held his breath
    C.hiccupped at nightD.couldn’t stop hiccupping
    小题4:His hiccups completely stopped one week after the doctor ____.
    A.gave him some medicineB.took an X-ray of his chest
    C.gave him a shockD.let him drink cold drinks
    小题5:What does “shock” in this passage mean?

  • Shanghai’s Maglev Train(磁悬浮列车) runs from Longyang to Pudong International Airport(国际机场). The whole t

    Shanghai’s Maglev Train(磁悬浮列车) runs from Longyang to Pudong International Airport(国际机场). The whole trip takes about 8 minutes.
    First train
    Longyang Road station
    Airport Station
    Last train
    Longyang Road Station
    Airport Station
    Economy Class(普通座)
    Single Trip(单程旅行)
    50 yuan
    100 yuan
    Round Trip(往返旅行)
    80 yuan
    160 yuan
    Children at or under 120 cm tall don’t need to buy tickets to take the train, but they cannot take the train by themselves. Children above 124 cm must buy a full-price ticket.
    If you buy a round ticket, you can get on the train at Longyang Road Station or Pudong Airport Station, and get off at the other station. The return part of the ticket must be used on the same day.
    小题1:How long does it take to travel from Longyang Road Station to Pudong International Airport by Shanghai Maglev Train?
    A.About five minutes.B.About six minutes.
    C.About eight minutes.D.About nine minutes.
    小题2:Mr Wang will buy an Economy class ticket to Pudong International Airport with his 120 cm tall son. He should pay___________ for the trip.
    A.50 yuanB.100 yuanC.150 yuanD.200 yuan
    小题3:The first train from Airport Station to Longyang Road Station leaves__________.
    A.6:30B.6: 45 C.7:02D.7:20
    小题4:A passage( 乘客) who buys a round trip ticket__________.
    A.can take the train three times
    B.must take the train back on the same day
    C.can only get on the train at Longyang Road Station
    D.can only get off the train at Pudong Airport Station
    小题5:A boy who is 130 cm tall__________.
    A.can take Shanghai Maglev Train by himself
    B.doesn’t need a ticket to take the train
    C.has to take the train with his parents
    D.can take the train with a half-price ticket